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Elabuga exhibition “My Russian province” opened in Slovakia

The exhibition "My Russian Province", composed of the funds of the Yelabuga State Museum-Reserve, was opened in Bratislava. The exposition presents the works of participants of the international art symposiums on contemporary art. The exhibition presnted 110 paintings and graphic works (watercolor, pencil, linocut).The press secretary of YSMR Evgenia Polikarpova told about it to the "BUSINESS Online".

The main symbol of the exposition “My Russian Province” is the old merchant Yelabuga city. The canvases of the painters depict city views - ancient streets, temples, the tower of the Yelabuga settlement and much more.

According to the press secretary of the reserve museum, the exhibition opened with the support of the European Fund of Slavic Literature and Culture. The opening ceremony was attended by students of the Albert Einstein bilingual gymnasium. The guests were told about the Yelabuga, the museum-reserve and the exhibition presented by the deputy general director of YSMR for scientific work, Alexander Degotkov.

“Acting as a center for spiritual and creative communication between representatives of various national cultures, the museum-reserve draws the attention of the art community of Russia and abroad to the preservation of historical memory, national heritage and the development of interethnic cultural dialogue,” said Polikarpova.

At the end of November 2019, the exhibition “My Russian Province” will be opened in Vienna (Austria).