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The Foundation's mission

The main goal and mission of the fund is to coordinate and integrate actions of organizations and individuals to strengthen ties and cooperation between the Slavic peoples, diasporas, countries and people in the field of culture.

Particular attention is given to Slavic languages and literature, as a key element of culture.

Well-known Slavic Academician O.N. Trubachov said: «No one truly great country does not end there, where its territory ends. Much further extends the influence of the culture of a great country, and this influence is almost always goes through its language».

Most researchers of Slavic reciprocity ideas point to its Slovak origin. Czech and Slovak poet and priest Jan Kollar created the concept of Slavic community as a whole - the «Slavic nation». His treatise «On the Slavs literary reciprocity», dedicated to relations and cooperation of the Slavic peoples, is still interesting for contemporaries.

Among the best works of Slavic thought are the works Ľudovít Štúr. In his famous essay «Pan Slavism and our land» ... «reveal the inner essence of nature and life, the spiritual and moral value system ..., folk soul of the Slavic race» and «ascertaining the cultural and historical site and the international vocation of the Slavs, led by Russia among other nations and cultures».

The famous writer F.M. Dostoevsky wrote in his diary about the importance and role of Pan Slavian and Russia: «Russia will still always be aware that the centre of Slavic unity it is she. ... There are no other main goals than to develop Slavian society and to serve it needs selflessly and without requiring from them any thanks. And only then all Slavian society will say its new healing word to a mankind».