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History of the Fund

The creation of the fund was based on a series of events in which representatives of several Slavic countries took part.

Days of Slavic Written Language and Culture are held each year by the public organization «Slavica» in Nitra. Slavic Folklore Festivals and Film festivals are held in all Slavic countries.

In November 2015, in Bratislava a unifying event was held. In the Aircraft Gallery a unique art exhibition in the framework of the International Academic Research Project «Between the Volga and the Danube», was opened. On that exhibition were presented 88 artists from 12 regions of Russia and 45 artists from 10 European countries of the Danube basin: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and Moldova.

The project was based on the ideas of a great Slavic humanist of XVII century - Jan Amos Komensky, who laid the foundations of the European Enlightenment. His approaches and methods were presented in the famous encyclopaedia «The world of sensible things in the pictures». Different styles and ways of expressing their perception of the world at the same time showed the unity and diversity of author's artistic vision of dialogue of cultures.

During such cultural events was a fantastic fascination feeling between Slavic artists, musicians, film industry professionals, academics, writers and ordinary members to each other. General History of the Christian religion, the proximity of languages and cultures, traditions and folklore unite the Slavic world.