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Exhibition of Tatyana Vavrzhina's paintings "The Philosophy of Beauty" in Banska Bystrica

On the 16th of November 2017 in the exhibition hall of the State Scientific Library of Banska Bystrica city, the exhibition of the famous Russian artist Tatyana Vavrzhina "The Philosophy of Beauty" was opened.

The Russian center in Bratislava of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture has been cooperating with the artist for a long time and also is the organizer of her exhibitions in Slovakia. Together with the Russian Center of Science and Culture, an exhibition of the artist's works for Banska Bystrica city was formed.

Tatiana Vavrzhina lives and works in Moscow. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a member of the International Federation of Artists, a member of the Association of "The Art of the Peoples of the World", a member of the Creative Union of Women Artists of Moscow "Irida", a member of the Union of Russian Artists in Paris. Her works are presented in museum collections in Russia, Italy, Indonesia, Albania and the USA, as well as in private collections in Holland, Spain, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, England, USA, Italy, Egypt, India, Austria, Canada, Russia and etc.

The artist adheres to the realistic tradition, but her paintings are much thinner and more complicated. Intrigue and charm lie in each painting.

The author loves Slovakia and often depicts on her canvases the views of Bratislava and other Slovak cities. The exhibition is a picture of different periods of the artist's works. Citizens of Bratislava, and the city of Nove Zamky have already got acquainted with these paintings and now citizens of Banska Bystrica also have same possibility.