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Opening of the art exhibition "Understanding" by Russian artist Vavrzhina and Spanish sculptor Serra

On the 12th of October 2017 in Bratislava in the Aircraft gallery was opened a surprisingly powerful sounding joint exhibition of two masters - the Russian artist Tatiana Vavrzhina and the Spanish sculptor Rosa Serra.

The exhibition was opened by Professor I.I. Bondarenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Center of Fine Arts, President of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture, President of the European Academy of Security and Conflictology. All these organizations together with the Russian Center made an exhibition with the organizers.

Famous Russian artist Tatiana Vavrzhina is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the Moscow Union of Artists, the International Federation of Artists, the Association of the Art of the Peoples of the World, the Union of Russian Artists in Paris, the Creative Association "Irida", a member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts. She is a frequent participant of exhibitions in various countries of the world. Today her works are in art museums of Italy, Indonesia, Albania, the USA, China and Russia, as well as in private collections in Holland, Spain, Australia, Japan, 

Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, England, USA, Italy, Egypt, India, Austria , Slovakia, Canada, Russia, China, etc.

At the exhibition, she presented her paintings made in different genres. Peaceful landscapes, bouquets of flowers, drowning in the green trees architecture and portraits of beautiful women. Several paintings are devoted to the city of Bratislava. All her works are executed in the refined style of the realistic tradition. Variety and riot ofcolors, theatricality and expression in the disclosure of the topic, creative discipline - all these features of the artist's works produce excitement, bring joy and inspire spirituality.

Famous for the whole world, the sculptor from Catalonia, Rosa Serra, brought to Bratislava a large and diverse exposition of her best works. Having graduated from the Academy of Luis Carbonello in arts and painting, she continued her studies in the class of ceramics and engraving. In 1972, her first solo exhibition was held in Barcelona, and from the following year she dedicates her work to sculpture.

A small fragile woman creates works of amazing power. The ability to convey the beauty of the human body, to express the movements of the athlete, to convey the feelings of a person in the stone - all this attracts and captivates the audience.

Rosa Serra is a participant and prize-winner of many international exhibitions. At the 3rd Biennale in Bilbao, she received a prize in the nomination "Sculpture". The International Olympic Committee ordered her a series of sculptures for the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. She is the author of sports sculptures for the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. In 2000, Nike ordered her a statue of the famous golfer Tiger Woods. She is also the designer of the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, the Olympic Park in Seoul and the Asian Olympic Committee in Kuwait.

In 2008, the Catalonia Administration for outstanding service to the country awarded her the highest decoration for the Catalonians - the Cross of St. George.

The amazing combination of expressive paintings and powerful sculpture, beautiful exhibition halls and professional layout of the exposition created a magical atmosphere of mutual understanding between cultures of different countries, between authors and spectators.

The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by the presentation of elite Austrian wines of the famous brand "Just" from the city of Rust. There also was a buffet table.

A special atmosphere in the exhibition halls was created by the performance of a Slovak singer with popular modern melodies.

At the opening of the exhibition there were many spectators of different ages who came from different cities of Slovakia and other countries. Nobody wanted to diverge. The meeting and discussion of the exposition continued in the premises of the Russian Center.

The exhibition has become a significant cultural event of the year in Bratislava. The opening was covered by Slovak media. The Russian service of the Slovak radio prepared a large report and several interviews with the participants and organizers of the exhibition.

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