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Participants of the teleconference from Slovakia, Russia and Jordan discussed the development of cooperation on culture and education

 More than 180 children, adolescents, teachers of 22 educational organizations from Slovakia, Russia, Jordan became participants in the International Teleconference aimed at developing cooperation on culture and education.

The organizers were: The Russian Center in Bratislava of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture, the Moscow State Museum named after S.A. Yesenin.


The participants of the teleconference were employees of the Moscow State Museum named after S.A. Yesenin (Russia), the director of the Slavic Pushkin Museum in Brodzyany (Slovakia), members of the Women's Club of Friends of Russian Culture “Nadezhda” (Jordan), members of the “Slavyanka” Club (Jordan), senior schoolchildren and students from Moscow, Slovakia and Jordan.


The participants were greeted by the President of the European Foundation of  Slavic Literature and Culture, President of the Academy of Security and Conflictology, Professor Igor Ivanovich Bondarenko, Director of the Moscow State Museum named after S.A. Yesenin, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Philology Svetlana Nikolaevna Shetrakova.


They noted the importance of spiritual understanding and unity of people regardless of borders and the language they speak. Inna Viktorovna Kuznetsova, Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo office in Slovakia, became the guest of honor. In her greeting, Inna Viktorovna touched upon the importance of preserving and developing the Russian language that unites us. She marked the high role in this of the Russian centers in Bratislava and Presov.


The program of the International teleconference included acquaintance with unusual museums in Russia, Slovakia, Jordan, including the Moscow State Museum named after of S.A. Yesenin (Moscow), the Slavic Museum of Pushkin (Brodziany, Slovakia), the Jordanian National Museum, the Museum of Cars of King Hussein (Jordan), Royal Museum in Jordan, Museum of History of the City Psychiatric Hospital named after Alekseev (Kaschenko), Bojnice Castle (Bojnice, Slovakia), Danubiana Art Museum (Bratislava-Chunovo, Slovakia) and other outstanding original museums of the participating countries.


Students of the Moscow school №1357 demonstrated a video tour of the places in Moscow that are connected with Slovakia (Bratislavskaya street, Bratislavsky park, Slovak Museum, “Bratislavskaya” metro station). Slovak gymnasium students made a response with information about the streets that are connected with Russia.

During the meeting, the participants asked each other questions of interest, exchanged views, invited each other to visit their countries at the end of the pandemic and attend events of traditional folk cultures.

Further, the issues of various education systems of the participating countries and their transformation during the pandemic were discussed.

One of the highlights of the teleconference was the final of the meeting, at which a song to the verses of Sergei Yesenin "I have never been to the Bosphorus" was performed. The song was performed by Abrosenkova Liza, a student of the 8th "K" class of the Moscow school #1619 named after M.I. Tsvetaeva.

The three-hour teleconference was intense and dynamic, in a surprisingly warm and friendly atmosphere, it became a triumph of spiritual and moral unity of people from different countries, united by a common love for Russian culture and the Russian language.

The broadcast of the Teleconference can be viewed at the link: