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An attempt was made to write. Creativity in Russian lessons

As the first snowdrops sprout out of the ground, the first poetic lines of our students are born.

Yaroslav Nikolaenkov, a 10-year-old Slovak schoolboy with Russian roots, shared with us his first poetic composition.

The opportunity for a child to subtly express his attitude to magic and friendship was given by reading poetry about nature and discussing the images created by Russian poets .

We wish the young poet creative success and publish his first poem!

Winter forest
It was a muddy day in the forest
A tall spruce grew there.
But suddenly a blizzard came!
Sees a spruce suddenly
Her stump-friend flies away!

And the spruce came to visit the cold,
Everyone in the forest was hungry.
And when the stump returned
The day became more fun!
And from the cloudy weather
The evening became cozy!