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Demining of Bratislava "Checked, no mines"

Bratislava was liberated on April 4, 1945. By the end of April all of Slovakia was liberated. However, retreating, the German troops left many mined houses, roads and streets.

Immediately after the liberation of Bratislava, the sappers of the 2nd Ukrainian Front began demining the city. Each group of sappers had their own code words.

In June 2013, a commemorative plaque was established in Bratislava. It preserved the last original memorial inscription "Verba" (Willow) left by Soviet sappers on the facade of house No. 24 on Shturov Street. The code inscription "Verba" meant "Checked, no mines" and was left by sappers in April 1945 on the walls of houses when they were cleared of mines.

As a result of the restoration works, the inscription was restored to its original place.

The opening of the memorial plaque became possible thanks to the cooperation of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Slovak Republic, the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Bratislava and the Department of Culture of the Bratislava Stare Mesto (Old Town) district.

Every year, on the Day of Victory over Fascism on May 8 or the Day of the Liberation of Bratislava on April 4, flowers are laid at the commemorative inscription, paying tribute to the courage and heroism of Soviet sappers.