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Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castle

Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castle05thMay 2016 in Trencin at Trencin Castle in the barracks took place Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castleopening of the exhibition of paintings of Russian, Slovak and Chinese artists, dedicated to the seventies the first anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia and victory in World War II, with a symbolic name "Bridges of art unify".

Event organizers were civil society MIRELUB, Russian Centre Fund "Russkiy Mir", the European Foundation of Slavic literacy and culture, Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

Trencin Castle is one of the most beautiful military castles in the country; it was built on the site of a Great Moravian settlement of the 11th century. The rooms of the castle are an exposition of Trencin Museum.

As Lubica Blašková (curator) said at the opening of the exhibition, exposed images represent war and peace. Russian artist Roman Yashin presented colourful, Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castlehistorical and genre paintings. German soldiers in torn Stalingrad, red-armejec a smoking break, tank driver inside of tank, in every work we see detailed repetition of soldiers portrait.Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castle

Another Russian artist Tatiana Vavržina presented images with scenes of peace, a bouquet of flowers and architecture unending surrounding greenery. Operations are performed in a sophisticated style realist tradition. The variety and the riot of colour, theatricality and expressiveness in revealing themes, creative looseness of discipline - these are signs of the formation of a Russian artist who bring joy and uplift.

Slovak artist Miroslav Galko was one of the initiators of the exhibition. He presented his best works that are made in the romantic style. Many of the images extol female beauty.

Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castleGreat interest provoked images of Chinese masters. Three artists Xie Ding Chao, Yang Gu and Li Xiao Dong introduce patterns of Chinese traditional paintings; the most important feature is the inseparable unity of paintings, prints and calligraphy. To create the image they used a limited set of tools, so-called "four Beverage": Chinese brush, ink stone mortar on attrition ink, mineral paints and paper. Artists did not use the traditional canvas and oil paints. All works were painted on a special thin bamboo paper.

Paintings of Chinese artists at the exhibition reflect the beauty of the surrounding world. Beautiful scenery, mountains Opening of the exhibition "Bridges of art unify" at Trencin´s castleand rivers, flowers and birds, blooming trees and colourful fruits pomegranates, peaches, grapes, all brilliantly created with calligraphic precision. As they said themselves, virtually all of the images carry a subtext and symbolism. For example, in the pictures we can see the lotus flower, which speaks of a wise man with clear ideas.

Undoubtedly, the union of such different artists, and methods of forming images on one show attracts viewers, gives the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the cultural traditions of different nations and creating friendships.

At the opening of many spectators were present, some have come from other places. At the ceremony they were also invited local media, representatives of the city administration and journalists.