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The origins of the unity of the Slavic peoples were discussed at the International Conference “In Search of Unity. Russian Language Union"


On April 2, 2021, the International Scientific and Practical Video Conference “In Search of Unity. Russian Language Union" was held. It was dedicated to the issues of the unity of the Russian and other Slavic peoples, the scientific heritage of the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), slavist Oleg Trubachev.

The topic of the conference coincides with the title of the scientist's book “In Search of Unity”, in which the author speaks about the key role of language: “No truly great country ends where its territory ends. The influence of the culture of a great country extends considerably further, and this influence almost always goes through its language."

The outstanding Russian scientist-linguist-slavist of the 20th century represented "an entire era in linguistics." Investigating the origin of words in Slavic languages, studying Slavic proper names, he argued about the general linguistic foundations of the Slavic world.

The fundamental work of the scientist "Etymological dictionary of Slavic languages. Proto-Slavic lexical fund" has become a huge contribution to the world science. For this unique work, Academician Oleg Trubachev was awarded the first gold medal named after V.I. Dahl - Russian writer, author of the Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language.

In 1995, for his scientific achievements in the field of Slavic studies, he was awarded the honorary title of Doctor honoris causa of the Kosice University (Slovakia) and got the golden medal named after P.J. Šafarik, Slovak and Czech Slavist and poet.

The conference was organized by the International Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture (Russia). Famous Slavic scholars, public figures, students and followers of the academician took part in the conference. The spouse of Academician Galina Bogatova, a famous Russian scientist-linguist and Russian specialist, who did a lot to preserve the heritage of Academician Trubachev, made a touching greeting.

An interesting report was made by the First Vice-President of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture (Slovakia), Professor Dmitry Klimov. He highlighted modern issues of linguistics, noted the importance of preserving the heritage of Academician Trubachev, outlined the historical facts of the creation of the Slavic state, spoke about the existence of many factors uniting the Slavic peoples.

He especially noted the role and activities of the Russian Center in Bratislava, the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture (Slovakia) and its President, Professor Igor Bondarenko in strengthening humanitarian cooperation and friendly ties between the Slavic peoples.