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Open lesson on the Russian language and culture on the theme of "Maslenitsa" for students of the gymnasium named after Ivan Horvat

On the 13th of March 2019, an open lesson on Russian language and culture devoted to the spring Slavic holidays was held at the Russian Center of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture in Bratislava.

High-school students and teachers of the Ivan Horvat biligval gymnasium from Bratislava came for a visit. The Russian language is studied in the gymnasium, also different subjects are being studied in Russian.

High school students familiarized themselves with the traditions and major holidays that are celebrated in spring in Russia. The topic caused genuine interest, since many traditions are common to the Slavic peoples.

The main attention was paid to “Maslenitsa”, which is celebrated this week and has ancient Slavic roots. In Slovakia, it is also celebrated under the name "Fašiangy". High-school students also watched with interest the excerpt from the film "The Siberian Barber" with scenes of “Maslenitsa”.

According to the results of the lesson a quiz was held. Questions were asked about how “Fašiangy” is celebrated in Slovakia, what is common and what is the difference between the Russian and Slovak spring holiday. In conclusion, the students received homework on the lesson materials and a crossword puzzle on the topic "Maslenitsa".

High school students familiarized themselves with the novelties of the magazine "Russian World" and visited the exhibition of books in the Russian center on the theme "History of the Russian State."

At the end of the open lesson, the high school students visited an exhibition of paintings by the famous Slovak artist Adolf Benz in the Aircraft Gallery. The originals of the works of the outstanding author of world importance made a strong impression on the gymnasium students and aroused stormy emotions. In the atmosphere of the exhibition of works of art, students felt like they were at a holiday.