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Ivan Kupala Day is a holiday celebrating the summer solstice on July 7, 2024.

Ivan Kupala is a traditional Slavic holiday celebrated on July 7th. This holiday has ancient roots and is associated with pagan rituals related to the worship and revival of nature. During Ivan Kupala, people would gather on the banks of rivers, in forests or fields to mark the beginning of the summer solstice. The celebration includes many rituals and traditions.

One of the most well-known customs is jumping over bonfires. People would jump over bonfires, believing that it would cleanse them from all illnesses and misfortunes. Divination was also practiced, such as searching for a fern flower or placing oak leaves under a pillow to predict the future.

The name of the holiday comes from two celebrations: Ivan - named after Saint John the Baptist, and Kupala - named after a pagan goddess associated with nature's fertility. An important aspect of this holiday is its connection with nature. People believed that during Ivan Kupala, everything around them fills with special energy that helps them renew and heal. That's why many rituals were associated with water - bathing in rivers or lakes, boat races in ponds.

Another characteristic attribute of the holiday was floral garlands. Girls would weave colored ribbons to decorate their homes and create headgear adornments. Tall bonfires could also be seen, over which young people would jump or leap over pairs of burning ropes - they wished to give love to their beloved hearts through this act.

The celebration of Ivan Kupala also served as a time for evaluating the results of the first half of the year and starting new endeavors: planning new agricultural work or distributing land allotments. Today, many traditions from this holiday are still preserved in various Slavic countries. It is a time for joy, abundant gifts from nature, love, and unity with all living beings.