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The library of the European Slavic Literature and Culture Foundation organised events entitled ‘The History of Slavic Literature Az, Buki, Vedi...’

From May 24th to 27th, the library of the European Slavic Literature and Culture Foundation held events called ‘The History of Slavic Literature Az, Buki, Vedi...’. In this way, we together celebrated the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture.

During those four days, anyone interested had the opportunity to visit the library. The guests were able to watch documentary films, learn about the creators of the Slavonic alphabet – the saint brothers Cyril and Methodius, find out how the Slavic writing developed and what our ancestors wrote about. They learnt with interest that this year we celebrate the 460th anniversary of the first printed book ‘The Apostle’. It was published in Moscow by Ivan Fedorov and Pyotr Mstislavets.

Visitors were also able to take a look at the books presented at the exhibition ‘Traditions of Slavic Nations, as well as books from the library collection in Russian, Slovak, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croatian and other languages.

The visitors were particularly interested in the study of Old Slavonic symbols. They noted that it was interesting to immerse themselves in learning the origins of their native language. With excitement they wrote their names in the style of illumination lettering and Glagolitic script. The young readers enjoyed workshop of letter drawing using the lettering technique.

The meetings turned out to be informative, heartfelt and interesting, full of amazing encounters. 

Translation by: Simona Nagyová