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Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"

Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"30.06.2016 in the exhibition hall of the Aircraft Art Gallery in Bratislava was opened a unique art exhibition of Russian authors "June. 22. On the side of the Human" dedicated to the tragic date of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition's title is taken from the letters of the time of the First World War that belonged to a Nobel laureate Hermann Hesse and has a deep meaning. "Nationalism can not be ideal - this is particularly clear now that the moral principles, the internal discipline of the mind of spiritual leaders from both sides showed complete failure. I consider myself as a patriot, but above all I am a human, and when one does not match the other I always stand on the side of the human." His words are extremely relevant today.

The exhibition was organized by several Russian and Slovak organizations: the Russian Academy of Arts, Volga Department of Arts, Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the European Centre of Fine Arts, the European Fund of Slavic Literature and Culture, European Security Academy, the Russian Centre in Bratislava.

The exhibition presented works of young Russian artists, professional artists, graduates of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute after V.I. Surikov. The exhibition presented more than 60 works performed in various genres: painting, drawing, installations, digital works. The visitors opened the nude picture of the terrible days of the war, the tragic losses of hunger and heroism of the Soviet people. Skills and talent of most authors forced visitors to relive the excitement and anxiety of those war days.

The exhibition was opened by Minister-Counsellor of the Embassy of Russia Shabanov A.V., guests were also greeted by the Ambassador of Belarus - Serpikov V.M. Special greetings to the organizers and participants were sent by the Minister of Culture of Russia - Vladimir Medinskiy and by the President of the RussianOpening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"Academy of Arts, People's Artist of the USSR and Russia - Zurab Tsereteli. Also acted the Chairman of the Volga Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts, the famous artist K.V. Khudyakov, who handed the silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts to the President of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Centre of Fine Arts, Honorary Academician of Russian Academy of Arts, Professor I.I. Bondarenko.

The Russian Center hosted a friendly meeting of artists from Russia and Slovakia. The participants shared their impressions about the opened exhibition and agreed on further cooperation.

By the opening of the exhibition was released a colourful catalogue with illustrations and descriptions of ideas that unite the exhibition.

Creative atmosphere was supported by the performance of compatriots' ensemble "Devchata". Performance of the songs of the war years created a friendly mood, many visitors were singing and greeted songs with applauses. On the opening was also a well-known Slovak opera soloist Yan Babyak. He performed several classic arias and popular songs.

Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"Opening of exhibition "JUNE 22, on the side of human"At the end of the Exhibition a buffet table was organized. Visitors communicated with the organizers and sponsors and shared their views with each other. At the opening of the Exhibition came many compatriots from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, representatives of embassies, commercial and public Slovak organizations, representatives of art schools from Bratislava. The event was widely covered by Russian and Slovak media.