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International Academic exhibition project "JUNE 22. On the side of the Human" in Bratislava.

International Academic exhibition project "JUNE 22. On the side of the Human" in Bratislava.

To the 75th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945)



Creative Union of Russian Artists

Russian Academy of Fine Arts

Volga Department of Russian Academy of Fine Arts

The European Centre of Fine Arts

Aircraft Diagnostic Company


The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Head of Experimental Creative workshop of

Volga Department of Fine Arts of RAA and CUAR: Konstantin Khudyakov.

The curator and author of the project: Vyacheslav Ereschuk.

Project coordinators: Igor Bondarenko Elena Prekopova, Svetlana Kuznetsova.

Project Director: Konstantin Akimov.

Presentation of the exhibition project will take place on the 30thof June, 2016 in Bratislava, in the European Centre of Fine Arts (Slovakia).

Exposure time: 30 June - 22 October 2016. Then the exhibition will be presented in different regions and cities of Russia.


International Academic exhibition project "JUNE 22. On the side of the Human" in Bratislava.Young artists, who are working with the different ways of fine arts, have been asked to review their attitude to the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, to feel them, not only relying on the books and movies about the war, but to get into the situation itself of the beginning of a large-scale and terrible tragedy. The task was not to create a memorial work, but to show with available artistic images what arises after a contact with that theme. The main goal of the exhibition is to present the images of the war that has suddenly involved millions of people in its circle. In the focus is a Human. The artist must stand "on the part of a Human side."

The project brought together young artists, graduates of the Surikov Institute, and the masters of contemporary art, whose works have systematized and organized the structure of the exhibition. Thirty years since the creation ofthe triptych of Konstantin Khudyakov "Cherry of theforty-five" will be presented (from the collection of Alexander Sploshnov). Among the recent works – presentation of the work of Ivan Kolesnikov and Sergey Denisov and a work of Igor Sever on the militarism theme.

The humanistic pathos inherent in the title of the exhibition "On the side of the Human," in the works of Russian artists - is an important starting point in discovering this difficult topic. Not the history moments, which can get into the field of constant debate among political scientists and historians, but the undeniable value of life and the dignity of every human being. I would particularly like to emphasize the fact that first of all young artists participate in the exhibition, and who have never touched in their worksthe theme of the Great Patriotic War. They were supported by senior colleagues, whose works set the desired tone and integrity of exposure. As a result, the exhibition turned multifaceted, complex and interesting. We wish success to the participants!

Zurab Tsereteli
President of the Russian Academy of Arts
People's Artist of the USSR and Russia

The last witnesses of the Great Patriotic War are leaving to another world… There comes a time of the interpretation of the war by history written by another people. Now it is dangerous in all respects time, in what we are all infinitely and suddenly begin to make sure. In real-time multimedia momitors and TV’s billions of people watch hourly and daily countless tragedies and losses of lives. Of living people ... Ambition, greed, cynicism, the lack of conscience of national and transnational elites do not know any borders and cause revulsion of normal people, and also artists have a desire to show in plastic forms their anger and pain.

The author of this project is a young talented artist Vyacheslav Ereschuk, who managed to collect for the implementation of the project, along with well-known artists, young and not indifferent artists. The project is dedicated to a landmark date for the Russians – 22d of June and is a rare example of a possible and desirable relevance of art.

Konstantin Khudyakov
Vice-president of Russian Academy of Arts
Chairman of the Volga branch of Russian Academy of Arts
President of the Creative Union of Russian Artists

International Academic exhibition project "JUNE 22. On the side of the Human" in Bratislava.The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) - the war between the USSR and Germany in the frame of the Second World War, which ended with the victory of the Soviet Union over the Nazis and the capture of Berlin. The main significance of the Great Patriotic War was the fact that the Soviet army together with allies have finally defeated the German army, stopped Hitler in his wish to win world's domination. The war brought not only destruction, misery for many millions of people all around the world, but also the joy of victory, the liberation of the territory of USSR occupied by the German army, and the liberation of all Europe from the fascist plague. After the war came the long-awaited peace.

The project "June 22. On the side of the Human," which brought together young artists, graduates of the Surikov Institute, and the masters of modern art is interesting with its variety of genres, techniques, styles and shapes. It is interestingly how artists expressed in their works their personal experiences in the relation to the events in the centre of which were people during the war. In my opinion, the task that was set to the artists, to show images of the war, to show a man in the time of war - was accomplished. In the current political situation in the world, where in some states some people are trying to revive the ideology of fascism, forcing psychosis of hatred, showing the benefits of some states and nations over others - it is important to use all forms, methods, above all, political, and of course, through the fine arts to fight for the rights of every person, which are based on the right to live in a world.

We must be always and at all times on the side of the Human!

Igor Bondarenko
President of the European Academy of Security and Conflictology
President of the European Foundation of Slavic Literature and Culture
Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor, Doctor of Law


Events of the Academic exhibition project have an aim to develop the dialogue of cultures as a form of diplomacy of the XXI century, to strengthen humanistic principles and social function of art, international cultural relations.


Volga Department of Russian Academy of Arts

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