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Rubric: We were contacted

Sukhodolsk is a small mining town in the Lugansk region of Ukraine. The Russian Center of the “Russian World” Foundation received a letter from School № 14 of Sukhodolsk.

We could not remain indifferent to this letter and decided to support the teacher Elena Lytkina and her pupils.

We also appeal to partner public organizations, teachers of bilingual schools with Russian language teaching, and colleagues from Russian-language media with a request to support School № 14 of Sukhodolsk.

Thank you for understanding,

Staff members of the Russian center

“Russian World” Foundation.



We are guys from the small town of Sukhodolsk, which is located not far from Lugansk. We are cheerful and curious teenagers. We want to know everything, sometimes funny stories happen to us, we love music, entertainment, competitions and experiments. We would like to find new friends, learn about their life, versatile hobbies and fun entertainment.

Our teacher's name is Elena Lytkina. She suggested that we try ourselves in a new epistolary genre for us.

We study in the main secondary school №14 of the city of Sukhodolsk, from 1 to 9 classes. We love our teachers, but do not like to do homework.

We want to know everything. Especially about your country's culture, customs, lifestyle, education system and entertainment.

We will wait for an answer with impatience, and we will read out your letters to the students of our school at the beginning of the new school year.

With respect.

Hello, Dear guys. Hello, Dear Elena!

Thank you for your activity and creative approach to life!

Your letter was received by the Russian Center of the "Russian World" Foundation in Bratislava.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. Slovaks are a people belonging to the Slavic culture. The language, culture and philosophy of this nation is very close to ours, Russian. I think it will be interesting for you to talk with your age mates from Slovakia, especially with those who are learning Russian.

Our Center does a lot to support the Russian language and Russian culture among young people. We cooperate with bilingual gymnasiums and schools in Slovakia. We conduct open lessons on the Russian language, literature and art. We introduce schoolchildren with outstanding figures of Russia, writers, artists. We open for them the pages of Russian cinema. We hold exhibitions of library books of our Center.

We will send your message to those schools and gymnasiums, where the Russian language is studied, so that you can communicate with your age mates and learn about their studies, life and interests, as well as about the life and culture of Slovakia. (It is possible that they will contact you since September, because now it is a summer holiday period!)

We will also send your message to the participants of the Film Center in Russian language (, which is traditionally held here in Slovakia at the initiative of the Union of Russians in Slovakia (

You can learn about our work at

Have a nice summer and creative success!

Natalya Yadryshnikova,

Methodist Russian Center

“Russian World” Foundation.