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Meeting of the delegation of the Russian Center with the professors of the University of Matej Bela in Banska Bystrica

On the 18th of April 2019, a meeting was held between thedelegation of the Russian Center of the European Foundation of SlavicLiterature and Culture in Bratislava and the teachers of the Department ofSlavic Languages of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Matej Bela University inBanska Bystrica. The delegation was led by the head of the Russian languagecourses, Natalya Yadryshnikova, and the teacher, Natalya Chumak.

The meeting was attended by university professors - thehead of the department, Anita Rachakova, her deputy, Martin Lizon, andteachers, Marta Kovachova and Victoria Lyashuk. First of all, they thanked theRussian Center for the assistance in obtaining a library of books from SurgutState Pedagogical University, which is a partner of the University of MatejBela.

The meeting raised issues of teaching Russian language,innovative teaching methods and the organization of certification testing ofstudents.

The meeting was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.Agreements on cooperation were reached. The department received a good supportto the educational process - books in Russian and the magazines “”.

After visiting the university, the delegation of theRussian Center visited the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising in BanskaBystrica. In 1944, this uprising marked the beginning of the liberation ofCzechoslovakia from the Nazis.

The museum also held a warm welcome meeting. Books aboutthe war, written by the President of the European Foundation of SlavicLiterature and Culture, Professor Igor Bondarenko in cooperation with Russian scholars and historians, were presented tothe museum as a gift.